Thermopile, 1000824 [U8441301], Greenhouse Effect
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Sensitive probe for measuring heat radiated by a black body or Leslie cube, as well as for detecting visible light and ultra-violet radiation. Comprises a metal housing with a polished, conical reflector and a black surface 15 mm in diameter with 17 linked thermocouples. With two 4 mm connectors mounted on a stem.
Sensitivity: approx. 0.14µV/µW
Internal resistance: approx. 1 Ω
Setting duration: 40 s for 95 % of the measured value
Rod: approx. 156 mm x 10 mm dia.
Dimensions: approx. 94 mm x 40 mm dia.
Weight: approx. 200 g


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Item No.: 1000824 [U8441301]
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Weight 0.99 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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