Hands-on training for emergency response and rescue personnel includes scenario-based rescue techniques for fire, land and water rescue. Life-like rescue manikins in size and weight are used to create very realistic training scenarios.

Emergency rescue can be necessary for various reasons (catastrophic events as results from natural events and man-made accidents) and the training prepares professional emergency response and rescue personnel as well as community emergency response teams.

3B Scientific® offers rescue training manikins to match the scenario-based training requirements:
  • Rescue manikins come in different age groups with realistic weight and size
  • Fire rescue manikins are available manufactured to withstand high temperatures and fire
  • Water rescue manikins are available specifically for the simulation of a drowning victim
  • Strengthened rescue manikins are available for extrication training
  • Obese rescue manikins are available to train with highly overweight victims
  • Rescue manikins with thermal imaging capabilities are available for search and rescue training in buildings and in the field
Rescue training manikins are used when the simulated scenario is too hazardous or uncomfortable for a human volunteer. They can be seated in a crashed car, positioned in a smoke filled room or other hard to reach placed to train removal of the victim (for example from mine cave-ins).

3B Scientific® also offers a large range of wound simulation kits for the emergency response and rescue training with human volunteers. Making the volunteer look injured makes the rescue training very realistic and emergency first aid and wound care can be trained right away.
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