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The Handheld Chemistry Lab That Became The Wand of Destiny! 04-Aug-2015

[Picture Source: Smithsonian.com – A prototype of the Predictor pregnancy test (left) and the test as it went to market in the late 1970s (right) (Bonhams)] In 1977 the first home pregnancy tests came into our drugstores. Not the sveltely packaged wands with catchy marketing slogans that we’ve come ... more

Driven by Sunshine – What’s the Future for Solar Transport? 30-Jul-2015

With daily news on declining oil reserves, shrinking rainforests from deforestation, not to mention the effect burning fossil fuels continues to have on the health of our planet, putting the magnificent energy source shining above us to good use, seems worthy of exploration. Solely by Solar That’s exactly ... more

Where's the Fun in Physics? 28-Jul-2015

“In science there is only physics – the rest is just stamp collecting” Lord Kelvin It is an interesting concept, “fun physics”. After all, physics has a reputation for hard math, a complexity of equations, extensive analysis of a hypothesis and typically a crazy haired teacher scribbling on a blackboard ... more