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Could We Be Headed for a Helium Shortage - And Should We Care? 04-Oct-2016

Helium is one of the gases we’re most familiar with – who hasn’t played with a helium party balloon or sucked helium into their mouths to make their voices high pitched? The problem is that helium is a finite resource and, some scientists are worried that if we waste all of our helium on parties, there ... more

Why is the Hole In The Ozone Layer Healing? 21-Sep-2016

It’s surprising to learn that it’s only been 30 years since we first became aware of the hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole and Antarctica. The job of the ozone layer is to filter out medium level ultraviolet light from the sun and, without an ozone layer, the fears were that we would see cases ... more

How Will Humans Evolve During the Anthropocene? 14-Sep-2016

Have you heard of the Anthropocene? It’s a relatively new term, but one which is rapidly becoming commonplace in scientific and geology arenas. Until recently, geologists had labelled that the current geological era, which we are currently in, as the Holocene (the period since the last Ice Age). But ... more