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Which Bright Spark Thought Of This? 26-Mar-2015

Suspended three metres up in the air above a crowd of expectant onlookers at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, a man sits quietly inside a metal mesh sphere. The operator at the control desk on the ground turns some dials to deliver a high-voltage charge of approximately 270 kV, which the visitors can ... more

Snow On The Slide 25-Mar-2015

Back in March 1910, two avalanches struck in in the Cascade and Selkirk Mountain ranges in less than a week: on 1 March, the Wellington avalanche killed 96 people in Washington State, United States; three days later, 62 railroad workers were killed in the Rogers Pass avalanche in British Columbia, Canada ... more

Mind the Diversity Gap! 20-Mar-2015

There’s no doubt that the media has done much to popularise science of late. The recent biopic about physicist Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything, was perhaps a surprise-but-welcome hit, winning a best actor Oscar for Eddie Redmayne in the process. Meanwhile, the comedy show The Big Bang Theory ... more