Basic Life Support (BLS) training for first aiders:

3B Scientific® offers an extensive range of medical simulators and trainers for Basic Life Support like CPR simulators of all age groups (infant, child, adult), AED trainers, choking manikins, and CPR accessories.

In many cases, emergency situations will arise in out-of-hospital situation and the arrival of first responders can take minutes. Bystanders are often the only ones there to help and the victim’s chances of survival largely depend on their intervention with basic life support measures like CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) or Heimlich maneuvers. In the chain of rescue immediately performed basic life support plays an important role for the survival of the victim and its rehabilitation. In order to train the public in BLS techniques, especially those working with larger groups of people like day care providers, teachers, social workers and security personnel, relevant courses are offered and it is recommended that CPR training is refreshed every year.

BLS courses will often use CPR simulators and BLS manikins in order to effectively train everyone. Realistic training scenarios, the right force needed to perform CPR, and direct feedback for the trainee’s performance effect the success of the BLS training, which ultimately is applying the correct BLS techniques in an emergency situation.

Many simulators have been developed for BLS training, following the guidelines of AHA (American Heart Association) and ERC (European Resuscitation Council). A CPR simulator like CPRLillyPROTM for example is especially suited for the evaluation of the trainee's CPR performance using direct feedback, while others like Basic Billy are used for larger group trainings.

BLS simulators are:
  • Designed with life-like features for effective BLS training
  • Enable hands-on practice for every student
  • Give different types of direct feedback of the BLS performance of the student for immediate correction
  • Made of a durable construction for long-term use
  • Easy to clean for hygienic use in BLS and CPR courses
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