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The care for neonatal patients – newborn babies – requires specially trained health care professionals. Neonatal nurses work with healthy newborn babies, newborns that needs specialized nursing care, and babies that need intensive medical attention at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The training of neonatal nurses starts with practicing their skills on neonatal patient care simulators. They simulate neonatal patients up to the age of one month and are suited for basic to advanced neonatal patient care training. Procedures like suctioning, intubation, injections and infusions, catheterization, tracheostomy care, airway management, and neonatal CPR can be trained on these manikins of the tiniest patients over and over again, until every step of the procedure is performed accurately.

3B Scientific® offers a large variety of neonatal patient care simulators and manikins either focusing on different aspects of training of neonatal nurses or combining multiple training possibilities in one manikin.
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Special Needs Infant - Dark Male, 1024022, Neonatal Patient Care
New -

Special Needs Infant - Dark Male

From $ 587.95
Item: 1024022
5 year warranty

Nurse Training Baby, New Born, 1000505 [P30], Neonatal Patient Care

Nurse Training Baby, New Born

$ 1,124.00
Item: 1000505 [P30]
3 year warranty

Male Baby Care Model, 1000506 [P31], Neonatal Patient Care

Male Baby Care Model

$ 615.00
Item: 1000506 [P31]
3 year warranty

Newborn Patient Care Baby, Dark, 1017862, Neonatal Patient Care

Newborn Patient Care Baby, Dark

$ 577.50
Item: 1017862

Micro-Preemie Simulator Light, 1020812, Neonatal Patient Care

Micro-Preemie Simulator Light

$ 466.95
Item: 1020812
5 year warranty

NENAsim Infant HPS, 1020899, Neonatal Patient Care

NENAsim Infant HPS

Item: 1020899

NENASim Xact Infant Care, Girl, 1021098, Neonatal Patient Care

NENASim Xact Infant Care, Girl

From $ 1,750.00
Item: 1021098

NENASim Xtreme Infant, Light, 1022582, Neonatal Patient Care

NENASim Xtreme Infant, Light

Item: 1022582

NENASim Xcel Infant ALS, Girl, 1022691, Neonatal Patient Care

NENASim Xcel Infant ALS, Girl

$ 2,500.00
Item: 1022691

MamaBirthie (Dark skin tone), 3012818, Neonatal Patient Care

MamaBirthie (Dark skin tone)

$ 1,749.00
Item: 3012818

MamaBirthie (Light skin tone), 3012819, Neonatal Patient Care

MamaBirthie (Light skin tone)

$ 1,749.00
Item: 3012819

Luna Advanced - Infant Simulator, 3016589, Neonatal Patient Care

Luna Advanced - Infant Simulator

$ 32,545.00
Item: 3016589

Luna Live - Infant Simulator, 3016590, Neonatal Patient Care

Luna Live - Infant Simulator

$ 20,995.00
Item: 3016590

Baby Care Model, 1005089 [W17001], Neonatal Patient Care

Baby Care Model

From $ 121.00
Item: 1005089 [W17001]

Physio Baby, 1005094 [W17006], Neonatal Patient Care

Physio Baby

$ 200.00
Item: 1005094 [W17006]

Nursing Baby, SimPad capable, 1005245 [W19571], Neonatal Patient Care

Nursing Baby, SimPad capable

$ 3,499.00
Item: 1005245 [W19571]

Shaken Baby Demonstration Model, 1017928 [W43117], Neonatal Patient Care

Shaken Baby Demonstration Model

$ 248.00
Item: 1017928 [W43117]

Patient Education Tracheostomy Care Set, 3011690 [W44460], Neonatal Patient Care

Patient Education Tracheostomy Care Set

$ 1,293.95
Item: 3011690 [W44460]

Infant Patient Education Tracheostomy Care Manikin, 1013897 [W44633], Neonatal Patient Care

Infant Patient Education Tracheostomy Care Manikin

$ 427.95
Item: 1013897 [W44633]

Special Needs Infant, 1018198 [W44708], Neonatal Patient Care

Special Needs Infant

From $ 587.95
Item: 1018198 [W44708]
5 year warranty

Micro-Preemie Simulator, dark, 1021154 [W44754B], Neonatal Patient Care

Micro-Preemie Simulator, dark

$ 513.95
Item: 1021154 [W44754B]
5 year warranty

Susie® and Simon® Advanced Newborn Care Simulator, 1005802 [W45055], Neonatal Patient Care

Susie® and Simon® Advanced Newborn Care Simulator

$ 577.50
Item: 1005802 [W45055]

Mike® and Michelle® Pediatric Care Simulator, 1-year old, 1005804 [W45062], Neonatal Patient Care

Mike® and Michelle® Pediatric Care Simulator, 1-year old

$ 655.00
Item: 1005804 [W45062]

PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin™ Technology, 1013066 [W45076], Neonatal Patient Care

PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin™ Technology

$ 1,695.00
Item: 1013066 [W45076]

Newborn CPR and Trauma Care Simulator - with Code Blue Monitor, 1017560 [W45135], Neonatal Patient Care

Newborn CPR and Trauma Care Simulator - with Code Blue Monitor

$ 1,355.00
Item: 1017560 [W45135]