NENASim Xtreme Infant, Light

NENASim Xtreme Infant, Light, 1022582, Neonatal Patient Care
NENASim Xtreme Infant, Light, 1022582, Neonatal Patient Care
NENASim Xtreme Infant, Light, 1022582, Neonatal Patient Care
NENASim Xtreme Infant, Light, 1022582, Neonatal Patient Care
NENASim Xtreme Infant, Light, 1022582, Neonatal Patient Care

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The NENASim Xtreme is an advanced wireless scenario-based simulator. It simulates a baby from 0 to 6 months old. To be used for a full range of medical skills, procedures and team training. With the NENASim Xtreme - which includes training software, the patient monitor and the baby simulator - predefined and customizable scenarios can be played out by medical teams. 

Software included: Tutor, Scenario Editor, Patient Monitor, ECG and Sound Editor.
The NENASim Xtreme is fully interactive and empowered by Windows to give the user full control:
  • The patient monitor, which accurately replicates the graphs and values as shown on the tutor software, making any adjustments by the tutor directly visible.
  • Tutor software for tracking, commenting and evaluating the full scenario.
  • Possible to add three cameras.
  • Scenario-editor for creating and editing your own scenarios. All parameters, responses and sequences can be adjusted within an easy-to-use program
  • An ECG editor and sound editor. User-friendly editors to add your own ECGs and sounds to scenarios.
  • Perfect for training medical professionals, especially NICU-departments.
  • Realistic skeleton, recognizable landmarks, accurate movement degrees, with a durable soft skin.
  • Movement of limbs, head, eyelids, heart beats and breathing movements.
  • Measurable effectivity and results of CPR.
  • Pulse detectable in various places; axillary and femoral. Intubation through the anatomically realistic airway,
  • Stethoscope simulator: detects location and emits suitable isolated sounds.
  • Various parameters output on the patient monitor: ECGs, SpO2, CO2, ABP, CVP, PAP, PCWP, NIBP and TOF.
  • Full scenario training: ready-made and userfriendly customizing, with strong feedback and review components.
  • Ideal for individual skills-training and team training.
  • A wide variety of vocal sounds: laughing, crying, hiccups, coughing, grunting and breathing.
  • Full simulation of breathing patterns with different rates, depths and complications.
  • Colorization of the skin in the cheek, chin and extremities, to simulate conditions like cyanosis, jaundice, paleness and redness.
  • Wireless and tetherless control: able to be used everywhere.

  NENASim Xact NENASim Xcel
NENASim Xtra
with Basic Software
NENASim Xpert
Item No. Boy 1021099 Boy 1021104 Light skin 1020899
Girl 1021098 Girl 1021105 Dark skin 1018876
Patient care procedures   ✔   ✔   ✔   ✔
Airway management
Realistic airway
 -   ✔     ✔
Intubation, oxygen delivery procedures
  -   ✔   ✔   ✔
Spontaneous breathing
- -   -   ✔
Head tilt, chin lift and jaw thrust
-  ✔   ✔   ✔
CPR compressions
- -   -   ✔
Live defibrillation, pacing and cardioversion
Software feedback on CPR
ECG & 12 lead display
- - -
Palpable pulse points
- - -
Blood circulation vital signs
- -
Auscultation & Sounds
Vocal sounds as well as heart, lung and bowel sounds
- - -
Normal and abnormal breath sounds
- - -
Wireless stethoscope
- - -
Additional features
IV arm, IO leg
- - -
Head and eyelid movement
- - -
Software features
- - basic advanced
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Item No.: 1022582
Weight 11.02 lb
Dimensions 21.7 x 5.5 x 4.7 in
Brand Medical X
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