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We now feature a selection of seaweed, mud and clay products to compliment any facial or body wrap. Also in the section you will find all the supplies needed to perform a world class wrap.
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LMT Go‐Pack™  , 3016774, Body Wraps and Supplies

LMT Go‐Pack™  

$ 79.99
Item: 3016774

3in Body Brush, W42006BB, Body Wraps and Supplies

3in Body Brush

$ 2.00
Item: W42006BB

Rubber Mixing Bowl, W42006RBM, Body Wraps and Supplies

Rubber Mixing Bowl

From $ 7.00
Item: W42006RBM

Thermoplastic Film, 60" x 75" sheets, 10 CT, W42006TP, Body Wraps and Supplies

Thermoplastic Film, 60" x 75" sheets, 10 CT

$ 19.20
Item: W42006TP

Lotus Touch Seaweed Gel Wrap, W42007SG32, Body Wraps and Supplies

Lotus Touch Seaweed Gel Wrap

From $ 33.40
Item: W42007SG32