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We have a complete line of Stools (with and with out backs). We also offer a wide variety in Step stools with several options.
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Laminant Foot Stool, W42709G, Stools

Laminant Foot Stool

$ 195.00
Item: W42709G

Laminant Foot Stool, Oak, W42709O, Stools

Laminant Foot Stool, Oak

$ 196.00
Item: W42709O

Pneumatic Stool Without Backrest, W50253, Stools

Pneumatic Stool Without Backrest

From $ 149.15
Item: W50253

Pneumatic Stool - Burgundy with Back, W50255, Stools

Pneumatic Stool - Burgundy with Back

$ 172.10
Item: W50255

Screw Adj. Stool with Black Nylon Base, W65059, Stools

Screw Adj. Stool with Black Nylon Base

$ 163.00
Item: W65059

Chrome Step Stool, W65067, Stools

Chrome Step Stool

$ 60.00
Item: W65067

Chrome Step Stool w/ Handrail, W65068, Stools

Chrome Step Stool w/ Handrail

$ 88.00
Item: W65068

Earthlite Folding Massage Stool, W68044MB, Stools

Earthlite Folding Massage Stool

From $ 119.00
Item: W68044MB

Earthlite Rolling Stool Without Back, W68045BL, Stools

Earthlite Rolling Stool Without Back

From $ 119.00
Item: W68045BL