Torsion Apparatus

Torsion Apparatus, 1018550 [U8557300], Torsion Apparatus
Torsion Apparatus, 1018550 [U8557300], Torsion Apparatus
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Measurement apparatus for investigating torsion as applied to bars with cylindrical geometry and to determine both directivity values and shear modulus. With a scaled disc for torsion angle measurement and a pendulum disc for transmission of tor-sional forces to the clamped material samples in the case of static measurements as well as for the determining moment of inertia in the case of dynamic measurements. The period of oscillation is measured electronically in the dynamic case using a light barrier. The approximate variables and the shearing modulus are derived from the measurements.

Dimensions: 570 x 300 x 300 mm³
Weight:          2.3 kg approx.
1 Cylindrical bar made of steel (d: 2 mm, l: 500 mm)
1 Basic unit of torsion apparatus
1 Base plate for light barrier 1000563

Experiment Topics:
  • Torsion on cylindrical bars
  • Determining the shear modulus
  • Simple set-up and operation
  • Static and dynamic measurements possible without time-consuming reconfiguration


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Item No.: 1018550 [U8557300]
Weight 7.05 lb
Dimensions 22.4 x 11.8 x 11.8 in
Brand 3B Scientific
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