Theratherm Standard Heat Pack

Theratherm Standard Heat Pack, W49886, Hot Packs
Theratherm Standard Heat Pack, W49886, Hot Packs
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Theratherm® Automatic Moist Heat Pack

From the makers of the original Hydrocollator® Hot & Cold products comes the best choice is home moist heat therapy. The digital moist heating pad provides temporary relief with hot therapy from pain associated with arthritis and back pain caused by muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tensions.

Theratherm uses moisture drawn from humidity in the air and maintains it in the outer flannel cover to provide effective heat therapy. As the temperature of the Moist Heat Pack rises, the moisture is released onto the skin to speed temporary heat therapy relief to the treatment area. The Theratherm Heat Pack's unique digital control allows for convenient and safe moist heat therapy sessions. The digital controller of the Theratherm pack allows the user to set the temperature and time as well as lock-out mode.

Digital hand control of the Theratherm pack to program and monitor temperature and treatment time

Lock-out mode protects against inconsistent changing of setting during heat therapy treatment

Therapeutic treatment temperature between 88 and 166f

Heat therapy treatment time from 1 to 60 minutes

Specially designed 100% cotton flannel cover

Therathem Standard Heat Pack 14 x 27"

Item No.: W49886
Dimensions 14 x 27 in
Brand Chattanooga
MPN: 1032
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