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NEW: Neonatal range from Lifecast Body Simulation

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Medical science has made incredible progress in recent years, pushing the boundaries of what we once thought possible. As a result, the age of viability for premature babies has been extended, creating a critical need for innovative training tools to prepare healthcare providers for the specialized care these infants require. At 3B Scientific, we have risen to this challenge by developing a range of highly realistic manikins designed to support healthcare education at various stages of life, from micro-preemie babies to term babies with unique conditions. In this blog, we explore these lifelike manikins and their benefits in enhancing healthcare training.

Neonatal Range:
Crafted by Lifecast Body Simulation, a 3B Scientific company, the latest Neonatal range of manikins elevates medical professional training for both novice and seasoned practitioners. These manikins are equipped with a comprehensive array of key features, including:
  • Anatomically accurate outer body for realistic practice
  • Anatomically correct internal airways, facilitating intubation and tube insertion training
  • A reactive chest, allowing for lifelike ventilation exercises
  • CPR capability to perfect resuscitation skills
  • Drug administration through the umbilical cord
Within this exceptional range, you will discover the following baby manikins:

1. Micro-preemie Baby / Extremely Low Birth Weight Baby (ELBW)
In a pioneering collaboration with Dr. Alok Sharma, Consultant Neonatologist at Southampton Hospital, UK, we are happy to present the world's first 22-23 weeks gestation Micro-preemie manikin. This ground-breaking innovation offers unparalleled training advantages, including precise weight representation of micro-preemies weighing 500 grams. With the help of this manikin, professionals can hone invaluable skills that are indispensable for working in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), equipping them to navigate the complex challenges of treating and managing micro-preemie babies.

2. Pre-term Baby
The pre-term baby manikin is an accurate depiction of a baby born at 28-29 weeks gestation weighing 980 grams. Created through scanning and sculpting of real new-born premature babies, the Pre-term Baby manikin allows the learners to practice different interventions as they would encounter in real. Click here for more information about pre-term baby manikin.

3. Term Baby
The Lifecast Body Simulation full-term baby accurately represents a 36+ week new-born weighing 2400 grams. Designed to elevate the authenticity of training for healthcare providers, the Term Baby manikins support both multidisciplinary team scenarios and individual training in new-born patient care. Click for more information here.

4. Miscarriage Manikin
Miscarriages are more common than most people realize, with an estimated 1 in 8 pregnancies ending in miscarriage among those who know they're pregnant. Our Lifecast Body Simulation miscarriage manikins are designed specifically for miscarriage education. These 8-week and 16-week gestation manikins help support a vital, yet often neglected, area of clinical education. Click here for more information.

Key Features:
- Two foetuses based on 8-week and 16-week gestational age
- Anatomically accurate outer body

Here are the impressive benefits that make Lifecast Body Simulation manikins’ invaluable tools for healthcare training at various stages of neonatal development:
  • Enhance established protocols for the care of premature infants and new-borns.
  • Attain proficiency in skills required for optimal care.
  • Develop emotional intelligence in healthcare professionals.
  • Provide realistic training for compassionate, effective, and high-quality care.
  • Ensure accurate weight representation for lifelike training scenarios.
  • Anatomically accurate outer body for authentic practice.
  • Realistic internal airways for intubation and tube insertion training.
  • Reactive chest for lifelike ventilation practice.
  • CPR capability for comprehensive resuscitation training.
  • Drug administration capabilities through the umbilical cord and intraosseous routes.
  • Skin turgor for intravenous therapy training.
  • Multiple gestational age options for diverse training scenarios.
  • Ideal for both individual and multidisciplinary team training.
  • Addresses a commonly overlooked area of clinical education.
If you require additional information or wish to schedule a demonstration of any of our manikins, please don't hesitate to contact our team. Additionally, stay tuned for a host of exciting new manikins set to launch in the coming year. To keep up with the latest developments, follow us on @3bscientific on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X . Your journey to advanced healthcare training starts here!

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