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Download the latest REALITi 360 version update: 11.3.0 is now available!

3B Scientific GmbH

Starting today, the REALITi 360 system 11.3.0 version update can be downloaded on the App Store. We strongly encourage users to promptly update their systems via the app store to enjoy the latest updates.

Version 11.3.0 brings an exciting new feature:

Enhanced SpO2 Controller with Probe On/Off: This new feature adds realism as you control the SpO2 probe placement on a finger with the Probe On/ Off option. 
  • The introduction of the Probe On/Off button allows enhanced realism of a SpO2 probe being placed on a finger
  • Realistic representation of Probe Off and Pulse search messaging
  • Realistic representation of SpO2 waveform displayed prior to SpO2 numeric being displayed
General improvements:
The connections panel on the monitor screen for peripherals such as the CPR module or the Atlas manikin has been redesigned to allow for easier connections
Propaq M and MD
  • TBI is now enabled
  • Metronome can now be switched on or off
  • Fixed bug with ETCO2 alarm limits displayed in kPa or mmHg
  • Fixed bug in C3T when pressing Manual button, AED starts
Mindary D3 /D6
  • Mindray D3 - Fixed alarm sounding after etco2/rr is set to hide on control
  • Mindray D3 - NIBP button now works.
  • Mindray D6 - Fixed alarm sounding after CVP and ART line are set to hide or remove in control
  • Mindray D6/D3 - Fixed waveforms not repositioning after connection status updates
  • Fixed lab values will not display decimal points when displayed on the monitor
  • Control Ventilator Tab's Titles overlaps menu fixed
Visit your App Store and update your REALITi 360 system today!