Memory Foam Pillow - Full size

Memory Foam Pillow - Full size, W56041, Specialty Pillows
Memory Foam Pillow - Full size, W56041, Specialty Pillows
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Our memory foam pillows are designed to help stabilize an existing condition and provide comfort for special sleeping needs. Our 100% viscoelastic foam responds to body heat to better conform to the unique shape of your head and neck. Use these pillows to help ensure good health. Once the existing condition is stabilized, you can move to more resilient pillows that can help reestablish and maintain proper alignment of the spine. Maintain good health by supporting the neck in its proper , most natural position.

Mid-size pillow measures 12x19" (30x48cm)

Full size pillow is 14x19" (36x48cm)

Each comes with a soft ivory pillow case.

Item No.: W56041
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Dimensions 14 x 19 in
Brand Core
MPN: 197
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