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Everyone's sleep needs and areas of pain are different; a standard or typical orthopedic pillow may be adequate for many people, yet not provide enough support or comfort for others due to a specific need. For this reason, there are several types of specialty pillows available. Each specialty pillow incorporates unique designs and filling materials to address specific health concerns and sleep needs. Specialty pillows are often portable and easy to pack for travel. The most popular specialty pillows are Jackson rolls, neck rolls, leg spacers, bed wedges, headache ice pillows, CPAP, and Ergo V pillows.
Comfort Core Backrest Blue, 3008515, Specialty Pillows

Comfort Core Backrest Blue

$ 82.67
Item: 3008515

Hibak Lumbar Support for Office Chair, Black, 3008516, Specialty Pillows

Hibak Lumbar Support for Office Chair, Black

$ 44.95
Item: 3008516

Small Inflatable Backrest, 3008517, Specialty Pillows

Small Inflatable Backrest

$ 40.76
Item: 3008517

Sitback Mesh Backrest Black, 3008518, Specialty Pillows

Sitback Mesh Backrest Black

$ 25.98
Item: 3008518

Lumbar Back Cradle Molded, 3008519, Specialty Pillows

Lumbar Back Cradle Molded

From $ 25.29
Item: 3008519

Moulded Lumbar Bucketseat Back Cradle, Black, 3008520, Specialty Pillows

Moulded Lumbar Bucketseat Back Cradle, Black

From $ 25.29
Item: 3008520

Skillbuilders Knee Spreader, W54674, Specialty Pillows

Skillbuilders Knee Spreader

$ 60.00
Item: W54674

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow - Petite CE Approved, W56011, Specialty Pillows

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow - Petite CE Approved

$ 97.19
Item: W56011

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow - Average, W56012, Specialty Pillows

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow - Average

$ 107.55
Item: W56012

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow - Large, W56013, Specialty Pillows

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow - Large

$ 118.91
Item: W56013

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow - Xtra Large, W56014, Specialty Pillows
Clearance -

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow - Xtra Large

$ 130.28
Item: W56014

Max-Relax Face Cushion, Black, W56019, Specialty Pillows
Clearance -

Max-Relax Face Cushion, Black

$ 68.33
Item: W56019

Double Core - Medium/Firm, W56025, Specialty Pillows

Double Core - Medium/Firm

$ 59.95
Item: W56025

Double Core - Firm/Extra-firm, W56026, Specialty Pillows
Clearance -

Double Core - Firm/Extra-firm

$ 59.95
Item: W56026

Memory Foam Pillow - Full size, W56041, Specialty Pillows
Clearance -

Memory Foam Pillow - Full size

$ 72.74
Item: W56041

Memory Foam Pillow - Mid Size, W56042, Specialty Pillows

Memory Foam Pillow - Mid Size

$ 72.74
Item: W56042

Core Deluxe Water Pillow, W56099, Specialty Pillows
Clearance -

Core Deluxe Water Pillow

$ 46.60 $ 61.50
Item: W56099

Interventional Supine Pillow System, Black, W60731ISP, Specialty Pillows

Interventional Supine Pillow System, Black

$ 167.00
Item: W60731ISP

Pillow case for the CPAP Sleep Apnea Pillow, W92533CPAP-C, Specialty Pillows

Pillow case for the CPAP Sleep Apnea Pillow

$ 18.00
Item: W92533CPAP-C