Helmholtz Coils S

Helmholtz Coils S, 1000611 [U185051], Electron Tubes S
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Application: ..
The Helmholtz coils are used to create magnetic fields for deflecting electron beams and are attached to the tube holder S (1014525). The tube holder allows the coils to be set up in Helmholtz configuration or at varying distances. The resulting magnetic fields are highly uniform and can be aligned perpendicular to the axis of the tube or in co-axial alignment.

Product Information: ..
The two air-filled coils are made of lacquered copper wire on a plastic bobbin with connectors at both ends of the winding labelled (A) and (Z).

Number of winding turns: 320 each
Coil diameter: 136 mm approx.
Max. current I:  
continuous: 1.0 A ..
short term: 1.5 A (max. 10 min)
  2.0 A (max. 3 min) ..
Effective impedance: 6 W approx.
Connectors: 4-mm safety socket
Magnetic flux B  
in Helmholtz-configuration: B = k * I, where k = 4.2 mT / A approx.

Item No.: 1000611 [U185051]
Weight 2.65 lb
Dimensions 11.0 x 8.2 x 3.1 in
Brand 3B Scientific Teltron
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