Gyroscope, 1000695 [U52006], Rotational Motion
$ 949.00
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High quality precision-made gyroscope for demonstration as well as for quantitative determination of gyroscopic laws by means of practical experiments. Experiment apparatus with a shaft that can be tilted and rotated while attached to a stand rod. On one side of the shaft there is a disc mounted on dual ball bearings, while on the opposite side there is a movable counterweight for establishing equilibrium. Fine adjustment is performed by thumb screw at the end of the shaft. To generate external torque an additional weight is provided that can also be moved along the shaft. The shaft’s angle of inclination can be read from an easily readable scale. A spirit level allows the gyroscope to be adjusted to the horizontal. The disc can be set rotating by hand or by means of a cord. The dual ball bearing system ensures that rotation is nearly frictionless and that rotation continues for lengthy periods of time. The open construction of the gyroscope allows gyroscopic phenomena to be observed easily and clearly.

  • Scale: - 40° to + 40°
  • Scale divisions: 1°
  • Disc: 250 mm dia.
  • Mass of disc: 1500 g
  • Mass of counterweight: 1400 g
  • Mass of additional weight: 50 g
  • Total weight: 4650 g


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Item No.: 1000695 [U52006]
Weight 14.99 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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