Experiment: Precession and nutation of a gyroscope (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

Experiment: Precession and nutation of a gyroscope (115 V, 50/60 Hz), 8000544 [UE1040500-115], Spinning Motion
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Objective: Experimental investigation of precession and nutation of a gyroscope and determination of moment of inertia

A spinning disc exhibits motions known as precession and nutation in addition to its rotational motion, depending on whether there is an external force, and thereby an additional torque, acting upon its axle or if the axle of a disc spinning in an equilibrium state is then deflected from its equilibrium position. The period of precession is inversely proportional to the period of rotation while the period of nutation is directly proportional to the period of rotation. The way the period of precession depends on the period of rotation makes it possible to determine the moment of inertia of the rotating disc.

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Item No.: 8000544 [UE1040500-115]
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