Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis

Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis, W56606, Forensics Experiments
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Discover how forensic scientists use hair to assist in solving crimes. You will discover the differences between human and animal hair as well as differences among different types of human hair with this Forensic Chemistry of Hair analysis kit. In the second part of the activity, you will try to determine the origin of a hair sample from a crime scene in relation to hair samples from four known suspects. This kit includes a Teachers Manual and Student Guide and Analysis copy-masters. There is enough material for 15 groups.

Kit Includes

  • 1 Box of Microscope Slides
  • 1 Package of Coverslips
  • Deer Hair Sample
  • Cat Hair Sample
  • 4 Human Hair Samples
  • 15 Forceps
  • 15 Wax Pencils

The Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis is a great addition to any forensics lesson.

Item No.: W56606
Brand Aldon Corporation
MPN: 3B9007
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