Experiment: Transmission Spectra

Experiment: Transmission Spectra, 8000679 [UE4020400], Colours
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Objective: Record and interpret transmission spectra of transparent bodies

A digital spectrophotometer is used to measure transmission spectra. In this instrument the transmitted light collected by an optical fibre is separated into its spectral components by a reflection grating using the Czerny-Turner principle and is projected as an image onto a CCD detector via two mirrors. The transmission spectrum is generated by automatic normalisation applied to the previously recorded spectrum of the light falling on the detector.

Additionally recommended: Chlorophyll, Potassium Permanganate

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Digital Spectrometer LD with Absorption Chamber, 1019196 [U22031], Spectrophotometer

Digital Spectrometer LD with Absorption Chamber

1019196 [U22031]
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Set of 7 Colour Filters, 1003084 [U19530], Apertures, Diffraction Elements and Filters

Set of 7 Colour Filters

1003084 [U19530]
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Set of 100 Cuvette Cells, 4 ml, 1018106 [U101601], Spectrophotometer

Set of 100 Cuvette Cells, 4 ml

1018106 [U101601]
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Item No.: 8000679 [UE4020400]
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