Experiment: Inclined Launch

Experiment: Inclined Launch, 8000533 [UE1030400], Translational motions
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Objective: Plotting the “parabolic” trajectories point by point

The motion of a ball that is thrown upward at an angle to the horizontal in the earth’s gravitational field follows a parabolic curve whose height and width depend on the throwing angle and the initial velocity. The curve is measured point by point using a height scale with two pointers.

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Projectile Launcher, 1002654 [U10360], Vertical and Horizontal Trajectories

Projectile Launcher

1002654 [U10360]
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$ 717.00
Clamp for Projectile Launcher, 1002655 [U10361], Vertical and Horizontal Trajectories

Clamp for Projectile Launcher

1002655 [U10361]
Unit price
$ 217.00
Vertical Ruler, 1 m, 1000743 [U8401560], Measurement of Length

Vertical Ruler, 1 m

1000743 [U8401560]
Unit price
$ 80.00
Set of Riders for Rulers, 1006494 [U8401570], Measurement of Length

Set of Riders for Rulers

1006494 [U8401570]
Unit price
$ 47.00
Barrel Foot, 1 kg, 1002834 [U13265], Bases

Barrel Foot, 1 kg

1002834 [U13265]
Unit price
$ 41.00
Pocket Measuring Tape, 2 m, 1002603 [U10073], Measurement of Length

Pocket Measuring Tape, 2 m

1002603 [U10073]
Unit price
$ 33.00
Item No.: 8000533 [UE1030400]
Brand 3B Scientific
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