CCD HD Sensor

CCD HD Sensor, 1018820 [U22058], CCD Camera
CCD HD Sensor, 1018820 [U22058], CCD Camera
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Optical sensor for investigating distribution of light intensity. Particularly well suited for the investigation of light diffraction at single slits, multiple slits or diffraction gratings. User-friendly measurement and evaluation software enable simultaneous recording and analysis in real-time. The built-in software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32- and 64-bit versions starts running as soon as the sensor is connected to the computer via a USB cable. Includes attenuating filter, stand rod and plug-in power supply.

Data acquisition possible in two modes:
Intensity as a function of location, e.g. for diffraction and interference.
Intensity in a region as a function of time.
Pointer mode, model calculation mode, spreadsheet and report modes are all available for the purposes of evaluation.
Sensor:                                 Toshiba 3648 pixel SWB
Resolution:                           16 bits
Integration time:                   0.1 ms to 6.5 s
Filter attachment:                Clix (magnetic ring)
Sensitive surface of sensor:         8 µm x 30 mm
Interface:                               USB 2.0

Experiment Topics:

·         Measurement and calculations for models of diffraction at a single slit, multiple slit and diffraction gratings.
·         Interference.
·         Fluctuations in intensity

·         Plug & play: no software installation or drivers required.
·         Measurement and evaluation in real-time.
·         Simple and practical software with built-in wizards and powerful evaluation function.
·         Spectra of high quality and signal stability
·         Low noise
·         High resolution
·         Suitable for measuring very slight fluctuations in intensity with very high precision.
Measurement of second-order diffraction without saturation of the first order.
Item No.: 1018820 [U22058]
Weight 2.26 lb
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