Metal Ring for Thomson Coil

Metal Ring for Thomson Coil, 1000992 [U8497470], Demountable Transformer D
Metal Ring for Thomson Coil, 1000992 [U8497470], Demountable Transformer D
$ 26.00
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The Metal Ring is for use with a Thomson Coil to perform the ring experiment. The metal ring must be paired with a mains coil and a transformer U-core with yoke.

Experiment Process:
  • Metal ring is fitted around one stem of the U-core and allowed to rest on the mains coil
  • Stem of the U core is extended by the yoke positioned vertically on top of it
  • Switch on the mains coil and watch the ring jump into the air!
Item No.: 1000992 [U8497470]
Weight 0.04 lb
Dimensions 2.2 in
Brand 3B Scientific
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