Basic Casualty Simulation Kit

Basic Casualty Simulation Kit, 1005708 [W44519], Moulage and Wound Simulation
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The most economical way to get started in simulated injuries is with this Casualty Simulation Kit. Reusable wounds and refillable accessories let you practice bandaging and splinting techniques repeatedly. The casualty simulation kit is supplied in a storage case and includes:

Bleeding wound (complete with reservoir bags with pump assembly):
• 1 compound fracture tibia

Non bleeding wounds:
• 12 assorted stick-on lacerations and open fracture wounds

Make Up Accessories:
• 1 atomizer mist sprayer
• 1 bottle coagulant makeup blood
• 1 pkg. blood powder for 1 gallon (~3.8 liter) simulated blood
• 1 casualty simulation wax
• 1 pkg. broken Plexiglas® for simulating glass embedded wound
• 4 grease paint colors: white, blue, brown and red
• 1 pkg. methyl cellulose for blood thickening
• 1 body adhesive for stick-on wounds
• 3 spatulas
• 3 tongue depressors

Bring a sense of reality to medical emergency training with the use of these tools such as simulated blood and wounds.


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Replacement Parts


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Item No.: 1005708 [W44519]
Weight 4.23 lb
Dimensions 13.0 x 10.0 x 5.1 in
Brand Simulaids
MPN: 800-815U / PP00815U / SB30995U
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