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Atlas the ALS manikin wins the EMS World Innovation Award 2022

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[Orlando, Florida] The EMS World Innovation Award panel just announced the winners of the 2022 edition. The 3B Scientific Group with iSimulate had once again the honor of receiving two awards: for the newly developed ALS manikin Atlas and for the REALITI 360 simulation ecosystem Version 11.
Since its launch in early 2022, Atlas has gained widespread appreciation from emergency service professionals worldwide. By winning this award, Atlas and REALITi 360 have again proven to be an utmost effective tool to train each and every ALS scenario.
The winners of the EMS World Innovation Award 2022 were chosen by an independent panel of experts who met one-on-one with company representatives during EMS World in Orlando, FL, to evaluate each entry and learn about the product and its applicability in detail. EMS World Expo is a leading education event for emergency medical healthcare professionals from more than 50 countries.
Atlas – the ALS Manikin is an affordable, lightweight, and straightforward full body trainer to offer paramedics the required hands-on experience for making life-saving interventions. Making it even more appealing is its integration with the award-winning simulation system REALITi 360. Developed by iSimulateREALITi 360 is a medical simulation technology that helps simulate live patient monitoring, defibrillation, and ventilation, as well as detailed debriefing. This powerful combination allows students to learn every aspect of advanced life support interventions while realistically training on a life-sized manikin. 
In line with its mission to advance the delivery of medical and healthcare education, 3B Scientiic develops affordable training solutions that meet and exceed the high standards of the medical simulation industry. For the last 74 years, 3B Scientific has helped trainers and instructors worldwide to shape the future of young minds training to become doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. In the year 2019, Cardionics – a leader in auscultation simulation products, became a part of the 3B Scientific Group and the following year in 2020, iSimulate – a leader in clinical education technology, also joined the 3B Scientific family. Ever since, the joined forces of all three companies continue to lead the path in developing innovative training solutions for medical education.

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