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The comprehensive mobile system iSimulate REALITi 360 is making distance learning quick and effortless

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Ever wondered why the simulated monitors or defibrillators/pacemakers are color coded in REALITi 360?

The answer is simple - The REALITi 360 system uses a color naming convention, whereby each kit can be identified by the color it was given. In the early days of its development, the founders discovered the need for this color system when multiple trainings were run in large simulation labs. This simple system facilitated a seamless connection between controller and monitor tablets. Setup and assignment of kits to educators was also more efficient through the brightly colored and easily identifiable kits. In a large and busy training center, they would only need to pick up and connect the correspondingly colored kit they were using for the day. Thus, making the entire process easy. And fast.

Get instant control and connectivity with a dedicated router included in the REALITi 360 kit

The Wi-Fi router and the iPads® are preconfigured in a way that gives you a hassle-free start to your training process without any internet connectivity issues. Along with this, the Control iPad® and the Monitor iPad® can be connected to each other in a straightforward manner by simply following a 5-step process.

Remote Control

At iSimulate, innovation and development never stops. At the beginning of 2020 the team has released the remote control feature, allowing educators to train remotely and across distances. The monitor that can be controlled over the internet via the Controller iPad®, enabling training via Zoom, Skype or Go to Meeting. Along with this, it enables the Instructor/Facilitator to view the student via a webcam or cellphone and make evaluations through the controller iPad®.

Why use the REALTi 360 mobile system for your training?

If you are looking for clinical education technology that checks all of the below features, make sure to schedule a product demo with our team to learn more about the REALITi 360 system:
  1. Wide coverage with mobile training on defibrillators, pacemakers and patient monitors anywhere, be it at an Ambulance, Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, Ambulance Helicopter or aircraft, Oil Rig, or of course stationary at a simulation center or another training location.
  2. An option to “Charge & Go” without the need of a continuous electrical supply.
  3. REALITi 360 is supplied with a mobile router for controller and monitor to communicate. Therefore, local WiFi connectivity is not needed.
  4. Simulation bag with patient monitor (tablet) that mimics the real monitor/defibrillator/pacemaker.
  5. Preconfigured and ready for out of the box.
  6. Realistic look, feel and sound enhances the training in pre-hospital and hospital environments.
  7. Combine iSimulate with new or existing manikins and/or standardized patient actors to set up a high-fidelity simulation
  8. CPR sensor can be placed on or inside a manikin to provide real-time feedback for external chest compression exercises.
  9. Possibility to save verbal patient responses for future training.
  10. Optional Video Debriefing System may also be used to full scenario recordings.

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