Vital Signs Simulators, Patient Monitor Simulators and Defibrillator Simulators by iSimulate for Medical Emergency Training - the best way to train cardiac and vital sign monitoring with endless scenario possibilities in pre-hospital and hospital settings.

Ambulances and hospitals are using many different monitors and the iSimulate Patient Monitor Simulators mimic and include almost all of them. Some examples include proprietary monitors and defibrillators like Zoll, Corpuls, Philips – with each system you can pick and choose exactly those monitors you are working with every day and need to train on.

How to train usage of patient monitors?

With iSimulate, 3B Scientific offers modular systems to configure a patient monitor and vital signs simulator that exactly fits your skills lab’s or emergency medical training’s requirements. The patient monitors are offered in three different base version:

REALITi is the complete system for highly advanced patient simulation and includes the patient simulator, CPR feedback and video debriefing. You can choose and add the mimicked proprietary monitors and defibrillators you need to train your medical personnel, paramedics, rescue services and fire fighters. More modules can be added anytime and the set-up is extremely easy and quick.

Three options are available for the REALITi Patient Monitor System:
  • REALITi Go with 6 universal screens, instructors have a set-up to prepare course participants effectively and realistically for their assignments in the preclinical and clinical area. Learn more
  • REALITI Plus with 1 monitor screen of your choice. Learn more
  • REALITi Pro with 5 monitor screens of your choice, video analysis and CPR feedback. Learn more
The following proprietary screens are mimicked in the simulation and are available for you to choose from:
  • CARESCAPETM B40 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • LIFEPAK® 1000 Defibrillator Screen Simulation
  • LIFEPAK® 15 Defibrillator Screen Simulation
  • LIFEPAK® 20 Defibrillator Screen Simulation
  • Philips IntelliVue MX800 Screen Simulation
  • Philips HeartStart MRx Emergency Care Screen Simulation
  • Philips HeartStart MRx for Hospital Screen Simulation
  • Zoll® Propaq® MD Screen Simulation
  • Zoll® R Series® Screen Simulation
  • Zoll® X Series® Screen Simulation
  • corpuls1 Defibrillator Screen Simulation
  • corpuls3 Defibrillator Screen Simulation
  • corpuls® AED Screen Simulation
  • Medtronic Capnostream™ 35 Screen Simulation
  • Welch Allyn Connex® VSM 6000 Screen Simulation
  • Schiller DEFIGARD Touch 7 Screen Simulation
  • Schiller PHYSIOGARD Touch 7 Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - AED Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - Defibrillator Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - ICU View 1 Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - ICU View 2 Screen Simulation
CTGi is a highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulator. It allows users to create realistic traces with exceptional detail. With CTGi, any obstetric training manikin can be turned into a high fidelity simulator. Learn more

REALITi360 Build 10 Ecosystem for patient monitor simulation received an EMS WORLD 2020 INNOVATION AWARD for the robust build and new features. Learn more

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