Armaid with White Roller attachment

Armaid with White Roller attachment, W78294, Hand Exercisers
$ 79.00
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This is a revolutionary, simple, cost-effective, "strange" looking device designed to keep your arms and hands in their best working condition. Armaid looks this odd way to give you the personal power of leverage and professional massage techniques for fixing your own arms and hands. Proven to rapidly relieve and prevent arm and hand problems without fatigue.

1 Armaid unit
1 White Roller (comes installed in the unit)
1 Band Fastener
1 Travel Bag
Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Client Counseling & Support

Reviews by customers:

• December 11, 2014 - Nashville Neuromuscular Center, Rebecca Saindon (Joined Armaid Affiliate Team)
While there is no real substitute for a skilled massage to release tension in the forearms, the Armaid is a very practical self-help tool. My issue with self treatment has always been that it is hard to simultaneously be both giver and receiver, but with the Armaid, the device becomes the "giver' and you can relax and receive a relieving arm treatment in between sessions with your Therapist, thus enhancing the work and expediting progress. Great for Guitar Pickers and Massage therapists alike!

• September 20, 2014 - Machelle Phillips, Louisiana
I am a licensed massage therapist in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I just received my Armaid two days ago (in September 2014) and I love it. My search for a self-therapy tool began after explaining to my husband my idea for making a self-therapy arm device. (We were both getting tired of massaging my arms.) What a great design! Well done!

• August 5, 2014 - Paige Weis, Pennsylvania
Love Armaid! I'm a massage therapist and this has helped my forearms. I use it after a long day of massaging.

• April 22, 2014 - John R Schaefer, Wisconsin
I am a Massage therapist and find the Armaid invaluable and have recommended it to clients.
Item No.: W78294
Weight 2.3 lb
Brand ArmAid
MPN: Armaid Package
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