Soothing Sore Muscle Oil, 1oz

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Formally known as Narayan (nah-RYE-yun), Soothing Touch Sore Muscle Oil has been used for centuries to soothe muscles. This Sesame oil based blend of Mint, Eucalyptus, and Clove creates a cooling sensation locally while the aromatherapy energizes and soothes the spirit. 1oz.

Suggested Treatments:

Rejuvenating Footbath in the spa or at home add 10 drops of Sore Muscle Oil to a warm footbath and soak feet for 5 minutes. Remove feet and wrap in a cold wet towel for another 5 minutes. The body will feel alive, rejuvenated and replenished.

Revitalizing Ice Treatment Massage Sore Muscle Oil into any area of the body for a few minutes. Cover with an iced towel and let sit for 5 minutes. Sore Muscle Oil penetrates deep into the muscle for a new kind of body treatment.
Item No.: W67367N1
Weight 0.15 lb
Dimensions 1.375 x 1.375 x 3.325 in
Brand Soothing Touch
MPN: 311901-09
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