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In a violent assault environment or accidents, the turning point that decides the fate of the casualty is the hemorrhage, or the heavy bleeding suffered. Therefore, it is paramount that the first responders are well trained to control the bleeding right on the spot. At 3B Scientific, we listen closely to customer feedback and understand the need for a versatile trainer with a holistic approach to cover different dimensions to managing persistent bleeding on the lower extremities – in addition to the already launched training arm P102.To help EMS, police, and military instructors train their medical teams more realistically in life-saving hemorrhage control techniques, we are therefore introducing our latest development: the Hemorrhage Control Training Leg P103.

Train hemorrhage control techniques on three different wound configurations

This affordable, comprehensive, and easy to use trainer is equipped to accustom the trainees in managing difficult bleeding using tourniquets, wound packing, and amputation management skills on three different wound patterns:
  • Deep laceration in the groin area 
  • Gunshot wound through and through with entry/exit wound on the upper thigh 
  • Amputation in the knee region
Direct visual feedback
Being an incredibly realistic wound and bleeding simulator, this simulator helps train in hemorrhage control on the lower extremity. It provides direct visual feedback to the trainees when the bleeding stops by mechanical occlusion, which happens once the chosen control technique is successful.
Give your trainees exposure to face scenarios of varying severities
A manual blood pump system supplies up to 2 liters of artificial blood to each wound individually or in a combination of two or three wounds together. Making sure the trainees are exposed and skilled to tackle the various severities of the trauma case they face. Along with this, the P103 trainer also gives you the following benefits:
  • Very affordable, yet high-quality simulator
  • Working without electricity for use at any location indoors or outdoors
  • Realistic look and feel of the leg to make the experience as natural as possible
  • Minimal training costs and efforts, with only the artificial blood needing to be prepared
  • Possibility to simulate venous or arterial pulsatile hemorrhage
  • Allows effective skill training for wound packing, hemostatic device application, and stump large area wound dressing
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