Leslie's Cube

Leslie's Cube, 1000835 [U8442835], Heat Flow and Radiation of Heat
Leslie's Cube, 1000835 [U8442835], Heat Flow and Radiation of Heat
$ 296.00
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A hollow aluminium cube for investigating heat radiation from a hot body as a function of its temperature and surface. With a removable lid for pouring in hot water and 2 openings for inserting a thermometer or thermal sensor and a stirrer. One side each is polished, matt, black and white. Refer also to experiment UE2020200.
Dimensions: approx. 100x100x100 mm³
Weight: approx. 360 g


$ 355.00

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Item No.: 1000835 [U8442835]
Weight 0.88 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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