Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S, molymod®

Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S, molymod®, 1005291 [W19722], 분자 키트
Organic/Inorganic Molecule Set S, molymod®, 1005291 [W19722], 분자 키트
Simple inorganic molecules or empirical formula representations are possible in addition to many organic structures with the inorganic/organic molecular model set. Examples: Carbon dioxide, ammonia, sulphuric acid, calcium hydroxide, metal salts, copper sulphate, alkanes, alcohols, glucose and benzene. The three brown atoms can be used to represent any element having one sp3, one dsp3, and one d2sp3 in addition to existing element hybridisations. Each set is packed in a four-compartmented box. Designed for school, college or self study (private) chemistry courses. Sufficient links are provided to make single, double, and triple bonds for OPEN and short links for CLOSED models. The inorganic/organic molecular models can easily be assembled and reassembled to make hundreds of possible structures.
Diameter of atom parts ranges from 14.5 – 15 mm.

inorganic/organic molecular model student set includes:

  • 51 atom-parts

  • 6 Carbon 4-holes tetra, black

  • 6 Oxygen, 2-holes ang., red

  • 14 Hydrogen, 1-hole, white

  • 3 Nitrogen, 2 tetra, 1 tribipyr., blue

  • 3 Sulphur, 1 ang., 1 tetra, 1 octa, yellow

  • 1 Phosphorus, 4-holes, purple

  • 6 Halogen, 1-hole green

  • 3 Metal, 1-hole, 17mm, grey

  • 6 Metal, 3 ang., 2 pyr., 1 tetra, grey

  • 3 Brown, 1 sp3, 1 dsp3, 1 d2sp3 26 links, grey

  • medium ML-12 12 links, grey

  • flexible long ML-13

The inorganic/organic molecular model student set is a great hands on teaching tool.
품번: 1005291 [W19722]
무게 0.31 kg
브랜드 Molymod
MPN: MMS-009

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