Molecular Organic Structures Set Molyorbital™, 4 Models

Molecular Organic Structures Set Molyorbital™, 4 Models, 1005292 [W19756], 원자 모형
Molecular Orbital Organic Structures Set Molyorbital™4 Model Collection Set

This molecular model builds the molecules of Benzene, Ethane, Ethene, and Ethyne. This molecular orbital organic structure set contains sufficient parts to make the four organic molecular orbital models shown.

The molecular model kit includes:
- 12 Carbon
- 18 Hydrogen
- 9 Carbon-carbon (oval shaped)
- 18 Carbon-hydrogen (pear shaped) sigma bonds
- 9 pi-bonds
(21 pink and 21 purple pieces)

The molecules pictured are as follows:
Top row: Benzene, Ethane
Bottom row: Ethene, Ethyne

The molecular orbital organic structures set is great for demonstrating the structure of these molecules.
품번: 1005292 [W19756]
무게 0.47 kg
브랜드 Molymod
MPN: MOS-900-4

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