Giant DNA model

Giant DNA model, 1020358 [W19755], DNA 모형

Model of a DNA double helix consisting of fve two-layer models with a total of 640 atom spheres. The double-layered models represent the molecular structures of thymine-adenine and cytosine-guanine with ribose-phosphate chains. Atom spheres and linking rods are made of resilient plastic and are color coded. The model is 46 cm high but held formly on a stand.

Atoms: 17 mm to 23 mm diam.
Height: approx. 46 cm

품번: 1020358 [W19755]
무게 4.27 kg
치수 42 x 26 x 19.5 cm
브랜드 Molymod
MPN: MKS-122-10

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