Atomic Orbital Set Molyorbital™, 14 Models

Atomic Orbital Set Molyorbital™, 14 Models, 1005293 [W19757], 원자 모형
Atomic Orbital Set Molyorbital™, 14 Models, 1005293 [W19757], 원자 모형
This atomic orbital molecular set contains sufficient parts to make 14 easy to self-assemble atomic orbitals, as shown in the photograph.

The atomic orbital molecular set includes:
  • Mode Quantity
  • 1s Unhybridised 1
  • 2s Unhybridised 1
  • 2p Unhybridised 3
  • 3d Unhybridised 5
  • Model of a 2s plus three 2p orbitals
  • Unhybridised 1
  • sp, sp2, sp3 Hybridised 3
  • 14 Total

Pink and purple colored pear shaped lobes represent the two wave phases, positive and negative of the p and d atomic orbitals. The atomic nuclei are represented by opaque white spheres. Each atomic orbital molecular model comes with its own individual colorless, transparent base for display purposes.
Approximate atomic orbital model heights including base are: s-orbital 5 cm, p-orbital 9 cm, d-orbital 8 cm. There is no better way to demonstrate the molecular structures of atomic orbitals.
품번: 1005293 [W19757]
무게 0.36 kg
브랜드 Molymod
MPN: MOS-901-14

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