Class-Set - Inorganic/Organic Chemistry, Orbit™

Class-Set - Inorganic/Organic Chemistry, Orbit™, 1005306 [W19805], 분자 키트
This set comprises 500 atom centres, scale 3cm = 100pm. The atoms consist of plastic centres having prongs set at the correct bond angles. The centres are colour coded according to the element, and the bond angles are engraved on the centres and marked by bars.

The items consist of: Molecular shape, methane, butane and alkanes, isomerism, carbon compounds with multiple bonds, ring structures, molecules with nitrogen, phosphorous and sulphur, benzene, optical isomerism, sugars, carbohydrates, polymers and complex ions.
품번: 1005306 [W19805]
무게 0.381 kg
치수 20 x 30 x 3 cm

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