DNA - RNA, 1005302 [W19801], DNA 모형
The small DNA-RNA model shows the double helix and how the molecules split at the centre of the base pairs.

The DNA-RNA Model includes:

• 30 colored tubes (Guanine red, Cytosine green, Thymine blue, Adenine gray, Uracil white)
• 12 white two prong centre, which represents the hydrogen bond between the base pairs
• 28 black trigonal atom centres which represent sugar
• 25 red two prong atom centres, which represent phosphate groups
• 50 yellow tubes that link the phosphate groups to the sugar rings
• Wooden base with support rod are included in the kit

Height 50 cm.
품번: 1005302 [W19801]
무게 0.08 kg
치수 20 x 30 x 0.5 cm
브랜드 Cochranes

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