Experiment: Bending of Flat Beams

Experiment: Bending of Flat Beams, 8000757 [UE1090200], Deformation of solid bodies
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Objective: Measurement of deformation of flat beams supported at both ends and determination of modulus of elasticity

A flat, level beam’s resistance to deformation in the form of bending by an external force can be calculated mathematically if the degree of deformation is much smaller than the length of the beam. The deformation is proportional to the modulus of elasticity E of the material from which the beam is made. In this experiment, the deformation due to a known force is measured and the results are used to determine the modulus of elasticity for both steel and aluminium.

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Apparatus for Measuring Young’s Modulus, 1018527 [U8557260], Elastic Deformation

Apparatus for Measuring Young’s Modulus

1018527 [U8557260]
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Young’s Modulus Supplementary Set, 1018528 [U8557270], Elastic Deformation

Young’s Modulus Supplementary Set

1018528 [U8557270]
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Pocket Measuring Tape, 2 m, 1002603 [U10073], Accessory - Measurement of Length

Pocket Measuring Tape, 2 m

1002603 [U10073]
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External Micrometer, 1002600 [U10070], Accessory - Measurement of Length

External Micrometer

1002600 [U10070]
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Item No.: 8000757 [UE1090200]
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