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Lymph Node Training Model, 1018463 [W43134], Men's Health Education
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Lymph Node Training Model

£ 214.32
Item: 1018463 [W43134]
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Prostate Model, 1/2 Natural Size - 3B Smart Anatomy, 1000319 [K41], Men's Health Education

Prostate Model, 1/2 Natural Size - 3B Smart Anatomy

£ 65.52
Item: 1000319 [K41]
3B Smart Anatomy 5 year warranty

Testicle Model dark, 1023302 [L60D], Men's Health Education

Testicle Model dark

From £ 208.08
Item: 1023302 [L60D]
Free domestic shipping 3 year warranty

The Prostate Gland chart, 4006700 [VR1528UU], Men's Health Education

The Prostate Gland chart

From £ 6.36
Item: 4006700 [VR1528UU]

Teen BSE/TSE Training Set, 1017933 [W43104], Men's Health Education

Teen BSE/TSE Training Set

From £ 314.64
Item: 1017933 [W43104]
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Testicle Self Examination Model, 1005640 [W44112], Men's Health Education

Testicle Self Examination Model

£ 270.36
Item: 1005640 [W44112]
Free domestic shipping 5 year warranty