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Flat Coil in a Rotatable Frame

Flat Coil in a Rotatable Frame, 1013131 [U8496320], Induction
Flat Coil in a Rotatable Frame, 1013131 [U8496320], Induction
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Flat coil in a plexiglas frame, mounted so that it can be rotated, for use in combination with 300 mm Helmholtz coils. When the flat coil is rotated in the magnetic field of the Helmholtz coils, an alternating voltage is induced. The electrical connection to the coil is established via sliding contacts. A hand crank and pulley on the rotary frame's axle are used to drive the coil.

Note: Helmholtz coils are not included!

  • Number of turns: 4000
  • Effective area: 42 cm²
  • Dimensions: approx. 110x80x11 mm³
  • Weight: approx. 360 g


584.25 €
Item No.: 1013131 [U8496320]
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