Inclination  Instrument E

Inclination  Instrument E, 1006799 [U8495258], Magnetic Fields
Inclination  Instrument E, 1006799 [U8495258], Magnetic Fields
$ 323.00
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Instrument for measuring the inclination of the Earth’s magnetic field and also for mapping the magnetic field of a current-carrying conductor. The bearings are of agate upon which the magnetic needle is mounted in a frame with reference circle. The frame is equipped with an additional reference circle. There are two 4 mm sockets included for power supply. Length of magnet needle: approx. 100 mm Dimensions: approx. 180x100x220 mm³ Weight: approx. 620 g
Item No.: 1006799 [U8495258]
Weight 1.68 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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