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Experiment: Normal Zeeman Effect (230V, 50/60 Hz)

Experiment: Normal Zeeman Effect (230V, 50/60 Hz), 8000867 [UE5020700-230], Fundamentals of Atomic Physics
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Experiment to Demonstrate Normal Zeeman Effect
This experiment involves observing the splitting of the red cadmium line perpendicular in transverse configuration or parallel in longitudinal configuration to an external magnetic field. The observation in longitudinal configuration is made possible by a stepped hole on the pole piece of the electromagnet. The light from the cadmium lamp passing through the FabryPérot etalon causes interference rings to arise, which like the spectral lines themselves are split into doublets or triplets depending on the direction of the external magnetic field. The splitting of the interference rings is recorded with the help of a Moticam 1 digital camera. A red filter on the focussing lens of the Moticam selects the light of the red cadmium line, while an aperture optimises the depth of field. The accompanying software allows for qualitative observation of the live image as well as quantitative assessment with the help of photographs of the screen. The occurrence of linear or circular polarisation is analysed with the help of the polarising filter or the four-wavelength base plate with a polarising attachment. The whole experiment is set up on a stable precision optical bench system.

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DC Power Supply, 32 V, 20 A (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1012857 [U11827-230], Power Supplies

DC Power Supply, 32 V, 20 A (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

1012857 [U11827-230]
Unit price
361.76 €
U Core D, 1022663, Demountable Transformer D

U Core D

Unit price
130.90 €
Polarising Attachment, 1021364 [U8557760], Polarisation

Polarising Attachment

1021364 [U8557760]
Unit price
28.32 €
Optical Base D, 1009733 [U10319], Optics with an Optical Bench

Optical Base D

1009733 [U10319]
Unit price
159.46 €
Digital Camera Moticam 1, 1021162 [U13160], Microvideos and Cameras

Digital Camera Moticam 1

1021162 [U13160]
Unit price
236.81 €
Fabry-Perot-Etalon, 1020903 [U8557590], Fundamentals of Atomic Physics


1020903 [U8557590]
Unit price
1,593.41 €
Convex Lens on Stem f =+100 mm, 1003023 [U17102], Optical Components on Stem

Convex Lens on Stem f =+100 mm

1003023 [U17102]
Unit price
83.30 €
Set of 15 Experiment Leads, 75 cm 1 mm², 1002840 [U13800], Circuits

Set of 15 Experiment Leads, 75 cm 1 mm²

1002840 [U13800]
Unit price
67.83 €
Optical Precision Bench D, 1000 mm, 1002628 [U10300], Optics with an Optical Bench

Optical Precision Bench D, 1000 mm

1002628 [U10300]
Unit price
349.86 €
Coil D, 900 Turns, 1012859 [U8497390], Demountable Transformer D

Coil D, 900 Turns

1012859 [U8497390]
Unit price
116.62 €
Polarisation Filter on Stem, 1008668 [U22017], Optical Components on Stem

Polarisation Filter on Stem

1008668 [U22017]
Unit price
138.04 €
Holder and Filter for Moticam, 1021367 [U8557790], Optics with an Optical Bench

Holder and Filter for Moticam

1021367 [U8557790]
Unit price
64.26 €
Quarter-Wavelength Filter on Stem, 1021353 [U22023], Optical Components on Stem

Quarter-Wavelength Filter on Stem

1021353 [U22023]
Unit price
218.96 €
Optical rider D, 90/36, 1012401 [U103161], Optics with an Optical Bench

Optical rider D, 90/36

1012401 [U103161]
Unit price
183.26 €
Cadmium Lamp with Accessories, 1021366 [U8557780-230], Fundamentals of Atomic Physics

Cadmium Lamp with Accessories

1021366 [U8557780-230]
Unit price
1,338.75 €
Electromagnet Accessory for Zeeman Effect, 1021365 [U8557770], Fundamentals of Atomic Physics

Electromagnet Accessory for Zeeman Effect

1021365 [U8557770]
Unit price
147.56 €
Support for Optical Bench D, 1012399 [U103041], Optics with an Optical Bench

Support for Optical Bench D

1012399 [U103041]
Unit price
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Item No.: 8000867 [UE5020700-230]
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