Cadmium Lamp with Accessories

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For the experiment to demonstrate the normal Zeeman eff ect. The casing of the lamp is made of heat-resistant plastic and has both longitudinal and lateral openings, such that it is only necessary to rotate the electromagnet by 90° when swapping from transverse to longitudinal configuration. Power is supplied from the ballast unit specifically designed for the cadmium lamp, which also provides protective earthing via a connection from the ballast unit to the pole piece of the electromagnet accessory for the Zeeman effect. The cadmium lamp is positioned in the air gap of the electromagnet by securing the lamp's base plate to the pole pieces of the magnet with the help of the clamp for the Zeeman effect electromagnet (P-1021365).

Cadmium lamp:
Electrical power:                                             max. 15 W 
Operating temperature range:                        5 – 40°C
Warm-up time (90% of light output):               approx. 5 mins.
Lamp casing:
Dimensions:                                                    approx. 110x70x20 mm2
Weight including lamp:                                    approx. 160 g
Electrical power consumption
in operation with lamp:                                    approx. 110 W
Dimensions:                                                    approx. 260x60x45 mm3 
Weight:                                                            approx. 930 g
Base plate:
Dimensions:                                                    approx. 130x80x5 mm3
Weight:                                                            approx. 55 g
Protection class:                                              CAT II

Item No.: 1021366 [U8557780-230]
Weight 3.31 lb
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