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Voltage Supply ±12V P4W50 (115V, 50/60 Hz)

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Symmetric, adjustable direct-voltage supply for electronic circuits, in particular, with operational amplifi er LM 741 (P-1012981), e.g. non-wired, inverting and noninverting operational amplifi er, adder and subtractor, diff erentiating and integrating element or non-inverting Schmitt trigger. With a plug-in power supply, 12V AC, 500 mA.

• Safety transformer according to EN 61558-2-6.
• Safe isolation between the power supply network and output current circuits.

Output voltage:                                               0 … +12 V, 0 … -12 V (symmetric)
Residual ripple:                                               < 3 mV
Output current (simultaneously per output):  150 mA, short-term 250 mA
Outputs:                                                         4mm pins Pin spacing: 50x50 mm
Dimensions:                                                  approx. 65x65x70 mm3
Weight (with plug-in power supply):              approx. 390 g
Item No.: 1021622 [U8557890-115]
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