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Laparo suturing training module allows for laparoscopic suturing training at many different levels of difficulty. The set includes 23 elements including additional silicone components – covers, tubes for anastomosis, and suturing kits – needles and sutures (12 pcs.).

The training has been divided into two parts:
1) The Basic Level(11 tasks)– for the most basic suturing exercises. To prepare for the training you have to attach silicon components to the holder.
2) The Advanced Level (12 tasks) – exercises in the limited space. To start the training simply set an additional level on the top of the module.

Suturing training on this module can be divided into three parts:
1) Suturing Introduction
– twine/thread manipulation – preparation for suturing
– instrument manipulation
– needle positioning
– learning to grasp the needle and rotate it through the holes – learning the proper movement of the wrist
– learning how to tie a knot – step by step correct tying the knot used during different procedures
2) Basic suturing
– learning different types of knots and seams
– continuous suturing
3) Advanced suturing
– drain – various types of anastomosis (end-to-end, side-to-side, end-to-side)
– suturing in a limited field of vision
– suturing tissues under tension

Recommended instruments:
– dissector
– needle holder

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