Surface Tension Ring

Surface Tension Ring, 1000797 [U8412160], Mechanics of Liquids
Surface Tension Ring, 1000797 [U8412160], Mechanics of Liquids
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Aluminium ring with a blade for determining the surface tension of liquids. Includes a hook and three threads for suspension from a dynamometer.
The tear-off force in liquids is easy to determine, which is why students can conduct the experiment independently: 1
Item No.: 1 Experiment: 1 Description: 1
Experiment: Surface Tension 1 Classic execution
8001186 / 1
Experiment with sensors: 1 Surface Tension Visualization of buoyancy and tear-off forces and 1
simple determination of surface tension

Specifications: 1
Diameter: 60 mm
Weight: 5 g approx.

Contents: 1
1  x Aluminum ring with blade
1  x Suspension made of 3 threads


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Item No.: 1000797 [U8412160]
Weight 0.09 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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