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Special Biology and Chemistry Promotion

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From Feb 24th – March 2nd of 2020, 3B Scientific offers a special Biology and Chemistry promotion. Our team have selected over 20 student kits to be included – all of these products are brand new!
As an example, we are offering a 15% discount on our Genetics of Blood Types Student Kit which supports students in learning about the genetics that determine blood type, possible inheritance patterns and how they express themselves.
Another example is the Environmental Air/Water Test Kit, with nine different tests to determine the air and water quality of locally taken samples. Including Teacher’s Manual and Student Worksheets, this experiment helps investigating the oxygen levels, water hardness, dissolved oxygen levels and more.
Make sure to take advantage of this special 15% promotion with the code BIOKITS15.

Terms & Conditions:
Receive a 15% discount on selected Biology and Chemistry Experiments from the 24th of February until 2nd of March 2020 only. Please use the code BIOKITS15 to activate your savings in the shopping cart. Country restrictions may apply.