Speaker System for SAM® and PAT® manikins

Speaker System for SAM® and PAT® manikins, 1021753, Options
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Product Description:
The Speaker System for SAM® and PAT® manikins is a high-quality audio system designed specifically for simulation manikins. This system enhances the realism and effectiveness of medical simulations by providing clear and lifelike audio playback. Whether used in medical schools, training centers, or healthcare facilities, this speaker system is a must-have tool for group instructions.

Superior Sound Quality: The speaker system delivers crystal-clear audio playback, enabling learners to hear realistic sounds during medical simulations.
Easy Installation: The system is designed for seamless integration with SAM® and PAT® manikins, ensuring quick and hassle-free installation.
Realistic Simulations: With high-quality audio output, this speaker system enhances the realism of medical simulations, creating an immersive learning environment for students.
Customizable Settings: The speaker system allows users to adjust the volume and playback settings to match the specific requirements of each simulation scenario.
Portable and Lightweight: The compact and lightweight design of this speaker system enables easy transport and convenient setup in different simulation settings.


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