Soothing Touch Coconut Vanilla Oil, Gallon

Soothing Touch Coconut Vanilla Oil, Gallon, W67357G, Massage Oils
$ 51.99

Lubricant Sizes:

1/2 Gallon
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Soothing Touch Coconut Vanilla Massage Oil is an aromatic blend of rich, uplifting fragrance of vanilla combined with the soothing island scent of coconut to create a sweet tropical combination. Indulge your clients in a relaxing massage using Soothing Touch Ayurvedic Massage Oils.

These water dispersible oils lubricate, moisturize and repair the skin, providing antioxidants and nutrients. Enhancing skin contact during bodywork, these healing oils also allow the therapist to release more tension and unblock vital energies with a deep, smooth glide..

All these oils are:
  • Water Dispersible
  • Leaves No Undesired Odors
Item No.: W67357G
Weight 8 lb
Dimensions 5 x 6 x 11.8 in
Brand Soothing Touch
MPN: 304821-06
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