Soothing Touch Brown Sugar Scrub, Tuscan Bouquet, 16oz

Soothing Touch Brown Sugar Scrub, Tuscan Bouquet, 16oz, W67364RR16, Aromatherapy
$ 11.99

Lubricant Sizes:

16 oz
15 lbs.


Vanilla Orange
Mango Ginger
Chocolate Peppermint
French Vanilla
Desert Blossom
Rest & Relax
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These scrubs are made with 100% Organic Brown Sugar allowing for a gentle exfoliating treatment while locking in moisture to keep skin healthy and radiant. 16oz


Item No.: W67364RR16
Weight 1 lb
Dimensions 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.3 in
Brand Soothing Touch
MPN: 311433-16
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