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Simulated Catheterization Training to Limit Number of Urinary Infections (CAUTI)

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Urinary catheters are placed for a number of reasons, including diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. The presence of a catheter increases the risk of bacteriuria, which can be clinically benign or progress to serious infection. Approximately 75% of the urinary tract infections are related to the use of catheterization hence they are one of the most common healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). About 25% of all patients in hospitals have a catheter for a long-term during their stay, and the risk for catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), increases with each day the catheter is used. Aseptic insertion and removal techniques, strict management, and prompt removal of the catheter when no longer needed can aid in lowering the risk of CAUTI.

The urinary catheterization procedure is taught worldwide in many medical settings, including undergraduate medicine, post-graduate medicine, nursing and physician assistant / associate. An affordable medical simulation training solution can standardize the training and improve the skills of the whole hospital staff - worldwide. With a well-trained staff, even the incidence of CAUTI can be reduced.

3B Scientific is offering Catheterization Simulators for female and male catheterization training with easy to change genital inserts and the possibility to adjust the level of difficulty. Training with the BASIC and PRO Catheterization Simulators is extremely realistic and offers the trainee immediate learning effects. When the catheter has been correctly inserted, fluid runs out just as it would with a real patient. The positioning of the catheter can also be checked through the transparent bladder. Please have a closer look at 3B Scientific® Catheterization Set PRO and 3B Scientific® Catheterization Set BASIC for all details and advantages of these medical skill trainers.

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